Hell on Hills- the world’s steepest 5k

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Hell on Hills, in Beechviewis advertised as the world’s steepest 5k. After interviewing Bethany Ruhe and Melissa Harmon, two of the race organizers, we can’t wait for this to be a yearly event.

Beechview, located minutes away from downtown Pittsburgh via the “T,” Pittsburgh’s trolley system, is home to a diverse population…and the steepest street in the world. The staggering 37% grade of Canton is just the beginning of a 5k course that climbs four of the biggest hills Pittsburgh has to offer.

The inaugural Hell on Hills 5k takes place on October 15, 2016. A portion of event proceeds will go to the Beechview Athletic Association (BAA). #GetHorned

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Sprint the Country’s Steepest Street at this Pittsburgh 5K

Hills? In Pittsburgh? Whaaa? We get it, you already know. But chances are that if you’re reading this you’re heard of the epic Dirty Dozen. If not, a quick primer: For the past 30-plus years, cyclists have tackled 13 of Pittsburgh’s toughest hills in a bike race like no other.

One of the many reasons it’s so challenging is the insanely steep hill on Canton Avenue. And now, even if biking isn’t your thing, you can tackle it yourself at the Hell on Hills 5K.

Pedal to the metal.

Despite being super fit, many of the cyclists struggling it up the Canton Avenue hill at the Dirty Dozen have to get off their bikes and walk up it. And it’s not because they didn’t train hard enough. It’s because that with a 37% grade, the Canton Avenue hill is the steepest public street in the U.S.! But if you live in Beechview, you already know the struggle (the scariest drive ice luge in the wintertime.)

And if not for an error in the Guinness Book of Worlds Records, it would be listed as the steepest street anywhere on Earth. Don’t worry – your jaw isn’t the only one on the floor.

Runners at the Hell on Hills 5K will first huff and puff their way up Canton in Beechview. And then they’ll do battle with three more of the biggest, baddest hills Pittsburgh has to offer, including the one on Bousted Street, which has a super steep 29% grade. So don’t let the distance (3.1 miles) fool you, the Hell on Hills 5K will test even the fittest runners.

It’s safe to say this race is not for runners who hate hills. But it’s perfect for anyone looking for a challenge they’ll never forget. The bragging rights you’ll earn when you cross the finish line make tackling this crazy race more than worth it. Once you catch your breath, that is.

Not For Runners Who Hate Hills: Beechview To Host World’s Steepest 5K (Dan Priore)

At a 37 percent grade, Canton Avenue in Beechview is the steepest street in the U.S.

And on Oct. 15, runners will attempt to climb all 630 feet of it as part of the “Hell on Hills” 5K.  Runners will also scale three other Beechview hills. It will set the record as the world’s steepest 5K.

The official course has not been released, but the 3.1-mile race will span the Beechview neighborhood, including its business district on Broadway Avenue. Bousted Street, which is one-quarter of a mile long with a 29 percent grade is another steep hill runners can expect along the course.

Race Director Bethany Ruhe said 5K is designed to test the most experienced runners.

“This one is really about running uphill,” she said. “And as any runner or even walker can tell you, hills are challenging in of in themselves. So, when you’re consistently running up them over the whole course of the 5K, it’s really a great new challenge for yourself.”

For those who don’t want to run, Ruhe said most walkers should be able to finish the course in about an hour.

While this is the first race of its kind for runners, it’s not the first one to feature Beechview’s Canton Avenue. During the annual Dirty Dozen, cyclists cover 13 of the steepest streets in Pittsburgh the day after Thanksgiving.

But Ruhe, who is from Beechview, said this race focuses more on showcasing what’s unique about the community.

“We have a lot of cool features,” she said. “Like, we’re the only Pittsburgh neighborhood that has our light rail system running down our main street.”

The early registration fee is $30, with a discount for Beechview residents. 

Source: http://wesa.fm/post/not-runners-who-hate-hills-beechview-host-world-s-steepest-5k#stream/0

Conquer Pittsburgh’s steepest slopes at the Hell on Hills 5K (Drew Cranisky)

For more than three decades, the Dirty Dozen Bike Ride has challenged cyclists to climb 13 of Pittsburgh’s biggest and baddest hills. Now another race is taking advantage of the city’s unique topography, inviting intrepid runners to tackle the staggering slopes of Beechview.

Hell on Hills is being billed as “the world’s steepest 5K.” That title is deserved: the race begins with a jaunt up Canton Avenue, a road with a 37% grade that’s often called the steepest street in the world. From there, runners will encounter three more mighty hills, including a quarter-mile leg on Bousted Street, whose 29% grade makes it another of the steepest streets in America.

The race, scheduled for October, continues in the vein of mud runs and ultramarathons, extreme running challenges that have gained popularity in recent years. But Hell on Hills is about more than just testing the limits of the human lung. “This is a great opportunity to show a wider audience something we’ve always known; Beechview is a great community,” explains City Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak. Organizers hope the race adds one more reason to visit the burgeoning Beechview neighborhood.

Race founder and runner Bethany Ruhe stresses that despite the intimidating name, runners of all levels should feel welcome at Hell on Hills. “We designed the course to be incredibly challenging, but doable,” she notes. And if your calves are aching just thinking about the race, Rudiak urges you to come be a part of it anyway. “Our hope is that if you’re a Pittsburgher and you’re not running the race, you’re going to be out here cheering the runners on.”

Hell on Hills will take place on October 15th, 2016. Registration is now open, with an early bird rate of $30 for the next two weeks. Visit the Hell on Hills website to learn more and register. Want to know more about Beechview? Check outNEXTpittsburgh‘s just published guide.

Hell on Hills 5K invites runners to tackle Pittsburgh's steepest slopes (Tory N. Parrish)

PHOTO ABOVE: A rider gets a little help from a crowd of onlookers as he struggles to make it up Canton Avenue in Beechview during the Dirty Dozen bike ride on Nov. 30, 2013. Canton Avenue, often described as the steepest street in the world, is part of the route for the new Hell on Hills 5K footrace.

A new footrace will put contenders to the test — and the slopes.

Set for Oct. 15 in Beechview, Hell on Hills bills itself as the "world's steepest 5K." The route starts at Canton Avenue, which, at a grade of 37 percent, is often described as the world's steepest street. Throw in other slanted corridors, including an approximately ¼ mile trek up Bousted Street, with a grade of 29 percent, and you've got yourself a challenge.

Hell on Hills also will run through Beechview's business district on Broadway Avenue.

"This is great opportunity to show a wider audience something we've always known: Beechview is a great community," city Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak, whose district includes the hilly community, said in a statement.

The race is being organized by a group of Beechview residents who want to show off the neighborhood, race founder and director Bethany Ruhe said in the statement.

Canton Avenue's hilly topography is well-known.

The annual Dirty Dozen bike ride, which was founded in 1983, includes Canton and the other 12 steepest hills in Pittsburgh. Many a bicyclist has been unseated in a crash on the slippery cobblestone road.

Still, Hell on Hills can be conquered, Ruhe said.

"We designed the course to be incredibly challenging, but doable," she said.

There will be a community afterparty past the finish line, at Vanucci Field.

For more information, visit hellonhills.com.

Source: http://www.upgruv.com/hell-on-hills-5k-beechview-pittsburgh-1943742547.html