Bethany L. Ruhe, President & Executive Director

Bethany L. Ruhe
President & Executive Director

Bethany Ruhe wishes she could run more, but is happy for every chance she gets to lace up and head out. After tackling two half marathons, a Tough Mudder, and the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay twice, she got inspired. She realized that she truly loved running hills, then wondered why her neighborhood, Beechivew, has never had a 5K on Canton Avenue, the steepest hill in the world. 

Rather than wait for someone else to do it, she gathered a group of amazing Beechviewers, and Hell on Hills, the World's Steepest 5K, was born. 

Bethany lives in Beechview with her partner,(and Hell on Hills CFO) Casey, their son, Jones, two chickens, and Herman The Bulldog, the unofficial mascot of Hell on Hills. She does PR and event work for a few select clients, and writes every chance she gets. In her spare time, ha ha ha, just kidding. There isn't any. 

Melissa Harmon, Co-Director & Head of Community Outreach

Melissa Harmon
Co-Director & Head of Community Outreach

Melissa Harmon is an avid runner and member of Steel City Road Runners.  Each year she likes to challenge herself to a race related goal.  It has led to the completion of a Tough Mudder, a year spent running 28 different races of various lengths, her first ultramarathon, and many other interesting adventures.  Although all of her goals were challenging, they were definitely obtainable with work.  The team was able to create the same obtainable challenge with the Hell on Hills course. 

From the moment she moved to Beechview she fell in love with the neighborhood and can't imagine her husband and fellow runner, Todd, living any where else.  She is not at all surprised to have found a group of fellow Beechviewers crazy enough to decide to highlight their favorite neighborhood with the World’s Steepest 5K.  She is just happy to have connected with such an amazing team.

Casey O. Smith, CFO & Lead Course Designer

Casey O. Smith
CFO & Lead Course Designer

Casey Smith hasn't met a sport he wouldn't try at least once. Casey is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where he played football, ran track (the 800), and played on the golf team. Since then he's ran several mud challenges and completed a sprint triathlon. When he isn't CFO'ing for Hell On Hills, he is helping to revitalize Pittsburgh by buying and renovated distressed properties. 

His current project is actually a tiny house, which he will be AirBnb'ing for all of the people who want to visit the fine city of Pittsburgh, specifically the Beechview neighborhood. It will be ready by race day, if you're looking for a place to stay. 

Casey lives with Hell on Hills Executive Director Bethany Ruhe, their son Jones, and the aforementioned assortment of animals. He is an avid amateur chef and a die hard Pirates fan. 


Missy Sorg
Website coordinator 

Missy Sorg is not a runner.  Her running experience includes three events: 1) a Color Run 5K, 2) a Kennywood Rollercoaster 5K, and 3) a Cupcake Run 3K.  There is a very good chance that if you see her running, there's something chasing her - and you should run, too. 

What she does have experience with is helping put together some pretty cool events, including a little thing called PodCamp Pittsburgh.  As a member of the Beechview community, she couldn't resist helping some friends out with something as awesome as the World's Steepest 5K.    

Missy lives in Beechview with her husband, Mike, a videographer and podcaster who has done a few Hell on Hils videos.  While she wears many hats in her professional life, her work in the Beechview community includes working with the race Co-Director and Head of Community Outreach, Melissa Harmon, to launch a local bakery.

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AImee key
head of digital marketing and engagement  

The best kind of running Aimee does is running badass marketing campaigns (or running after her crazy kids). From email blasts to social media content and rock-star engagement level ad campaigns, she is indeed the whole package. Aimee brings a dozen years of digital marketing prowess to Hell on Hills, and took special pride in creating fun and uber-engaging imagery to our social platforms this year.

Born and raised in the Pittsburgh suburbs, Aimee is beyond pumped to finally be back in the ‘Burgh after an 11 year stint in Philadelphia. She’s the rural one of the group, setting up homestead all the way down by the WashCo county line.