Oh, my dearest, darlingest Hillions. I have terrible news. We here at Hell on Hills have been working with the City non-stop, but in the end no agreement could be reached, and we are now forced to cancel this year's Hell on Hills.

We are all about safety. We understand that we have a unique (and AWESOME) course, and that could potentially add to the amount of public safety concerns. We accept that and will gladly have more than the average 5K.

But the City's demands were in excess of any 5K we've ever heard of, ever, and it far, far surpassed the budget of our little community race. We tried every way we could think of to talk to them and creatively problem solve. Sadly, to no avail.

We love our city, we love our neighborhood, and we super love all of you. Our hope is that we can pull together some progressive-minded, can-do folks inside the City and brainstorm how to address this issue, and come back bigger and better than ever next year.

You know that your race directors have lost sleep, hair, and a few friends in the City over this. We fought hard, but at this point, we need to regroup, gather information, talk to people, maybe even sprinkle in some interpretive dance. We're working that out.

We aren't going away, and our commitment to you is to work our tail off to bring you the biggest, bestest, steepest, most super awesomest race you've ever seen, all while a reasonable amount of public safety professionals look on, smiling.

An email will be going out to registered runners soon. Full refunds, automatically. You do nothing but wipe those tears of disappointment away and join me in making sure next year is the most ass-kicking EVER.

Yours in disappointment but determination, 

Important Race Day Information:


Parking will be at Family Links (2644 Banksville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15216) with shuttle service to registration and the starting line.  Shuttle starts at 6:30am.


Registration will be at Banksville eXpress Printing (2239 Banksville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15216) starting at 6:30am.  

Bib and Packet Pick-Up:

Bibs and packets will be picked up the day of the race.  Runners can pick up bibs at Banksville eXpress Printing (2239 Banksville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15216) starting at 6:30am.  Packet pick up will be at the race finish line.  

Epic After Party / Festival:

There will be an epic after party / festival at the finish line with food, beer, vendors, and fun.  

A portion of event proceeds will go to the Beechview Athletic Association (BAA).

From now through September 4, 2017, for every sign up we receive, we are donating $5 to All Hands Houston, a local relief non-profit helping those affected by the recent storms and flooding in Texas.

Register Today to reserve your spot!

What is Hell on Hills?

Beechview is only minutes away from Downtown via the “T,” Pittsburgh’s trolley system. It is home to a diverse population in a neighborhood filled with hardworking people dedicated to helping others and improving the community they call home.  In 1912, the community challenged the city to find a solution to the fact that the normal horse and wagon used by firemen did not work on our hills.

This year our community is challenging you to tackle those same hills, including the steepest street in the world.  The staggering 37% grade of Canton is just the beginning as the course continues to climb four of the biggest hills Pittsburgh has to offer.


Are you a Beechview resident interested in registering for Hell on Hills?  Contact Bethany Ruhe for details about a special discount just for you! 

Please be sure to check out our event sponsors:

Interested in becoming an event sponsor, e-mail Bethany Ruhe for more information.  You can also download sponsorship information here.    






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